Horizontal Harness Braider

NOTES: 32 Carrier New England Butt horizontal harness braider with an 8" braider cylinder. Adjustable speed drive with foot potentiometer, sloped harness slide for entry/exit of larger harnesses with complicated branches. Machine has 110V power, deck guards and is set with 32 carriers with pigtail chrome eyelets. This braider is set up for textile such as Nomex, Kevlar, polyester, and nylon, but you can choose to swap out for wire carriers with sheave rollers or buy a second set of carriers. This purchase comes with a full day of training. We can crate for shipment at an additional fee (estimate 36"D x 72"W x 48"H and roughly 650LBS) P/N - SPO-362-88X-19K-2


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